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get down girl do head get down.

in january. me lucy. johanna. molly and marie went to maries mommas birthday bash. where we broke it down with the +40 crowd and brought the house down

we of course had to bring out "stop" by the spice girls. its a universal dance. one enjoyed by all ages. 

love the camera. 

ok. please stop loving the camera. 

this is where marie gets her killer moves. 

then sexy maddie came to town and we played cranium and went laser bowlin! and then the diner. it was a jersey kind of night


me and maddie reppin california. we coordinated. 

lucy gaby maddie. 

cutie pa tooties. 

bowling isn't for wimps. 

jessie don't hate

then it was off to san fransisco.

on the muni!!

waiting for the muni. (the majority of the trip)

eating thai (the other majority of the trip)

starbucks. the other majority of the trip.

THIS is why i changed my hair. IF YOU WERE WONDERING.

like the only pictureof us together. since there were only two of us. yeah. we're cute. 

there were these hearts around the city. 

oh cute. 

eating thai. 

and then a little bit of partying.
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wooohoo! jersey girls really do know how to party it up obviously.

haha, we need to go bowling again soon.
lucy stewart=ginny weasley

except when she's being a spice girl
then she's the devil

Deleted comment

dude!! i miss you guys so much that was the perfect jersey night. except that nasty cake from teh diner with the skectchy waitress and the fact that i was bleeding all over the bowling ally. hahaha that was fun. miss you. i come home in less then a week!!!! YEY!!!!

ps i'm still sketched out by that dream
haha Maddie I just realized you're basically bleeding all over the place wherever we go. Remember at the shore when you caught the frisbee and it somehow cut you and you were bleeding all over the beach?
maddie, add me!!