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we'll go dancin baby then you'll see

how the magics in the music and the musics in me

caitlin lam
when i'm bored i add things to my interest lists. go look at how much of my time i spend being bored.

a walk to remember, alcatraz, alfonso soriano, american eagle outfitters, andy roddick, batting cages, better off dead, billy holiday, blue crush, braceface, brian austin greene, broadway, brown eyes, california, cat osterman, chasing liberty, china, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, clothes, cranberry juice, crystl bustos, disney, dorks, ethan embry, everwood, fit, frank sinatra, freaky friday, friends, full house, girl power, grease, growing pains, harry potter, hawaii, hearst castle, hermosa beach, hideki matsui, jamba juice, jennie finch, jessica mendoza, jewlery, john mayer, julia stiles, keep fishin, keeping the moon, knock first, lake arrowhead, laura berg, leah amico, lisa fernandez, lizzie mcguire, lovieanne jung, mammoth, mastiffs, mean girls, meredith brooks, micheal phelps, micheal vartan, michelle branch, mike mussina, montclair, motown, mounties, my hair, natasha watley, neutral milk hotel, norah jones, northeast, now and then, olrando bloom, olympics, one tree hill, ottowa, outkast, painting, paul o'neil, photography, pineapples, pitching, procrastinating, queen, rancho penasquitos, remember the titans, rooney, rupert grint, ryan gosling, san francisco, san fransisco state university, save the last dance, second helpings, shane west, shoes, shopping, sixpence none the richer, sixteen candles, sloppy firsts, snowboarding, softball, spice girls, sports, state of grace, summer, svpa, switchfoot, tech, teen people, tegan and sara, tennis, the apprentice, the beach, the bruins, the cheetah girls, the gap, the goo goo dolls, the killers, the ny/nj juggernauts, the olsen twins, the olympics, the outsiders, the patriot, the raquet place, the shins, the style network, the yankees, third eye blind, this time around, thoroughly modern millie, traveling, van gough, vintage, vouge, weezer, yosemite