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happy new years



hope everyone had a good new years!

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barrett is adorb
hahahha AWESOME!!
i am SO embarrassed
yooo those are great.
i'm sort of a little sad i didn't bring my camera to my thing, but, i knew i would never see it again if i brought it lol. hahah i lost my purse like five times, and it was always in the same place. hahah
hahah that looked like fun!
oh man, so sad my parents didn't let me come. also, was marie drunk again?! i love it, she swore up and down she would never ever drink again, hahaha. silly marie.
she wasn't drunk for most of the night. i think at one point she was tipsy. but she seemed pretty sober.
hahahaha marie look supa supa drunk in all the pictures even though she was not so much I think.
ps why didn't you post any of my spread eagled spandex pictures??
g rosss.

no one wants to see your vag.
hell yeah they are!
dude what the fuck???!!!!
ps molly is bizangin
i love maddie!!

Deleted comment

Just so you know, that one looking up at you is my computer wallpaper.
Yo I was totally there and am in none of the pics. What's up with that?
yo the only pic you were in i couldn't post. maybe you should have been more of a camwhore that a reg whore.

ohhhh. snap.